Carte Blanche Greetings offers 1,000 pennies for your thoughts

Carte Blanche Greetings is running a competition with its Me to You brand and the Special Occasions retail chain that literally rewards customers with pennies for their thoughts.

Marketing savvy Carte Blanche wants to find out what independent card and gift shoppers are thinking as they browse the aisles: Are they shopping for a card to congratulate their best friend for finally passing their driving test, saying thank you to their Mum for driving them around town, or telling their boyfriend, who is in the army, that they love and miss him? Whatever their thoughts, Me to You and Special Occasions want to know.

To take part in the competition consumers just need to visit one of the 14 Special Occasions stores in the South West, jot down their thoughtful message and it will be posted on the Me to You window display in-store. Once entries close on August 15th, 14 lucky people will see their winning message blown up and displayed in the Special Occasions shop windows for a week.

Jonathan Garner from Special Occasions commented ‘I have been amazed by the immediate response from our customers. They are really engaging with the activity & when I visited one of my stores two days after launching the promotion one entire window was covered with blue hearts! Some of the messages are funny, some are wishing good luck and some are clearly very heartfelt & moving, but all demonstrate that feelings and sentiment are still very strong emotions with our customers. It’s been fantastic to work with Carte Blanche on this promotion and I’m looking forward to watching it develop over the next few weeks..’

The winning message will then be judged alongside the winners from 13 other stores in South West, with the best one receiving 100,000 pennies (£1,000) for the thought.

Carte Blanche Greetings’ Me to You brand manager Caroline Weaver said: “We want to give people the chance to really show someone special they’re thinking of them – and what better way than with a shop window filled with a message just for them? In the current economic climate, we appreciate things are a bit tight, so we wanted to thank our customers for their support by giving them the chance to win 100,000 pennies for their thoughts as well as our new best ever priced Me to You cards and gifts.”

The campaign is also being supported with a discussion board on Facebook and individual’s messages will be uploaded to the homepage of