Carte Blanche launches Tatty Puppy

Carte Blanche Greetings has created a new friend for its iconic Me to You brand Tatty Teddy, the adorable new Tatty Puppy, who is set to be leaving paw prints all over the virtual world.

Tatty Puppy is a loveable plush dog with shaggy grey fur and a blue nose to match Tatty Teddy. Cute and cheeky, he comes with a unique code which enables him to be ‘unlocked’ by CBG’s legions of online fans

Tatty Puppy owners can type in the online code at, the free-to-play internet game, to create a digital version of the new character. Treat him kindly, say CBG and he’ll even perform tricks for Tatty Teddy and My Blue Nose Friends.

Carte Blanche marketing manager Jocasta Kelsey comments: “We’re very excited about Tatty Puppy because he has such a lot to offer. He’s a delightful piece of plush in his own right, but the fact he has a digital alter-ego makes him really special.”

Developed by London-based Sharkius Games, Me to You My Place, the free to play social game  has received an amazing 1.4 million visits and 4.4 million page views from over 148,000 people since the launch in January this year. Originally playable only on Facebook, the game has now been  extended to its own dedicated site,, to ensure under-13s aren’t excluded.

“Me to You My Place has shown phenomenal growth in the seven months since the launch,” added Jocasta. “Tatty Puppy will provide an intriguing and fun new element for existing players, but he’ll also encourage more people to sign up.”

A teaser campaign will launch in Clinton Cards from the 1st August and Tatty Puppy will arrive in-store from 15th August. RRP £12.99, Tatty Puppy comes with a Free owners certificate. You can even take Tatty Puppy home in his very own cardboard kennel for just RRP £0.99p