We love Bomo Art Budapest

One of our favourite stands at Top Drawer London was created by the beautiful Bomo Art Budapest brand, which had some gorgeous stationery and other paper products on display.

Bomo is an enthusiastic group of professionals, who every single day works for the shared goal, which is to ‘bind man and book together and rouse man’s innate instinct to create’.

The Bomo Art shop in Régiposta Street, Budapest, has been serving stationery and leather enthusiasts since 2000. At first it only sold diaries, wrapping papers, postcards and photo albums, but now includes recipe books, telephone registers in various sizes, a wider choice of diaries and praxinoscopes in its growing repertoire.

The name, Bomo Art Budapest indicates not only the shop but some of Budapest’s touristic sights and most beautiful buildings appear on its stationery as well. You can discover the Opera House or the Gresham Palace for example, plus designs showing the map of the most beautiful parts of Budapest as it was at the end of the 19th century. The motives featuring old posters, postcards, musical notes or famous Hungarian artists recall the halcyon days of the turn of the century.

We especially loved this gift box full of beautifully designed tags, which make a stylish present in their own right.

The UK distributor for Bomo Arts is Brian Hilton: +44 20 8420 6660+44 7802 931 792brian@hiltonoflondon.co.uk.

For more information visit the website