NobleWorks launches Party Animals political card and promotion

Legendary US humour card publisher NobleWorks is encouraging people to vote this November with its new political card “Party Animals,” featuring the Democratic donkey and Republican elephant partying. The card is part of NobleWorks’ new “Don’t be the 47 percent, get 53 percent off!” online offer.

The idea for 53 percent was born as a result of Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney’s off-the-record comment labeling the entire 47 percent group of people who don’t pay federal income taxes as automatic Obama voters who will only vote for Obama because they are dependent on government assistance.

The campaign is using good old wholesome humour to press the public to be vocal about who they want representing them for the next four years. “Not taking a particular stand took a great deal of restraint,” says NobleWorks president Ron Kanfi, who is willing to settle for just helping with a reminder for folks to “get their — out and vote.” he adds.

With this campaign all customers, whether they are part of the 47% or not, who buy 2 Super Christmas Card PACs (which amounts to 24 cards, 12 per pack) are entitled to a 53% discount.  Looking to treat all potential voters as equal with a flat-rate discount, regardless of their tax bracket, NobleWorks will include a free copy of the new card “Party Animals” with EVERY order, regardless of size, between November2, 2012, and November 6, 2012.

Kanfi is hopeful that “this small step for mankind will help draw more votes, even if it’s only one additional vote, and add a touch of humour to an otherwise serious and important election. So, get out there and let’s have a PARTY!”

NobleWorks’ entire collection of humorous greeting cards is printed on demand in the U.S. using recycled paper, and retails for just $2.95. Print-on-demand cards help the environment by saving natural resources and keeping waste to a minimum.