Great British Teddy Bear Company joins Spring Fair

The Great British Teddy Bear company has just signed up to exhibit at Spring Fair International 2013, within the Children’s Gifts, Toys & Gadgets sector in Hall 3.

This lovely company was founded in 2007 when The Metropolitan Police Service invited its creative director Paul Jessup to design the first Official Metropolitan Police Teddy Bear in support of the charity Child Victims of Crime. Bobby Bear was launched at Hamleys on 26th October 2007 and enjoyed record-breaking sales, raising over £30,000 for the Metropolitan Police Charity.

Bobby Bear went on to accompany the England Rugby team as mascot in the World Cup final and was presented to the Prime Minister Gordon Brown at No.10 Downing Street in 2008. Paul’s attention to detail and his teams dedication to quality control did not go unnoticed and very soon he began receiving requests to create character teddy bears for some of the worlds leading toy shops.

In August 2008 Paul and his partners were given special permission to use the name The Great British Teddy Bear Company Limited and work began on its very first range of Great British Teddy Bears. The aim is to provide high quality handmade teddy bears each wearing beautiful costumes that can be purchased by everyone at an affordable price.

Special bears produced since then include a teddy of The Queen (right), Eliza Doolittle, Robin Hood, Florence Nightingale and a series of British Forces Bears, one of which is pictured above.