Nigel Quiney launches Spice Studios and acquires Abigail Mill publishing

British greetings card supplier Nigel Quiney Publications has launched a new division called Spice Studios and announced its acquisition of the Abigail Mill publishing business.

The Spice Studios product range will be full of modern, contemporary, funky boutique style designs and will compliment and contrast the current Nigel Quiney product offer, which is slightly more traditional.

Spice Studios will launch with 82 designs and will feature designs inspired by Abigail Mill, including top selling designs from Abigail’s Romany and Halcyon Days ranges.  In addition to this will be Mensroom – an upfront humour range – and VintageYears, with Retro vintage styling, together comprising the initial Spice Studios offer.

Spice Studios will be looking for new artists to introduce into future product launches and the creative team would welcome contact from new artists going into 2013 (01799 520200).