Inspir-Actions announces new greeting card line

A new addition to the stationery industry, California-based startup Inspir-Actions announces the exciting debut of its collection of 90 greeting cards. Each card combines an insightful, spiritual message on a background of stunning abstract art by artist and entrepreneur Barbara Kollen.

“I am delighted to share these verses and my art,” she says, “It is my intention that the cards captivate my audience, creating a deeper connection between those who send and those who receive them.”

Kollen originally used her writing talents to carefully craft messages that touch the hearts of others with a loving, authentic voice. She sprinkles in a bit of humor in many of her sentiments, which celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, and other occasions. This full line of greeting cards spans many categories and is designed to be a strong performer for retailers. The collection is available immediately and can be seen at

With a retail price point of $3.95 (USD), Inspir-Actions greeting cards are printed in the USA on recycled paper. Quality 126 lb. card stock is used, paired with white envelopes to complement the brilliantly colored palette Kollen  chose when creating the original artwork. A statement about the artist is shared on the back of each card, which says, “The energy that inspired this verse comes from my heart to yours.”

“My concept for a card line started with a challenge at my church,” explains Kollen. “I originally intended to write a book, but decided for this project I would create greeting cards with wise uplifting messages, in order to see if what I had to say connected with people.”

They connected immediately, selling 100 cards to retail customers right off the bat. Encouraged, she developed more sentiments, and designed art for the cards. Working with colored encaustic paints, Kollen created flowing, dynamic images for each background.

Suitable for framing, many of her cards share a message that also works well as framed art. Each card is 5” x 7” and fits perfectly into a pre-cut 8” x 10” mat, so that the purchaser or recipient can keep the card as a memento.  Kollen calls these “Re-minders” because they present a way of looking at life from a new perspective.

Strongly appealing messages are a big selling point for the Inspir-Actions collection. A birthday card declares “Life is a Gift. Enjoy The Present,” and another says “Energy is best used with Clarity.” Friendship cards also make up a significant part of the line. One starts with the words “Expressions of gratitude are ways of telling the universe what matters in the moment.” Another card states, “Peace comes from inner acceptance of how things are now.”

Peaceful, caring and serene words paired with original art are sure to make a visual impact in retail stores. Display racks are available to showcase the line, which gives the appearance of a field of flowers with its colorful array.

What’s next for Inspir-Actions?  Store buyers are already placing orders, and Kollen is building on this beginning to grow her business further.  Future plans include writing mindful books for adults and children, and working on a line of journals.

For more information, please contact: Barbara Kollen at (916) 333-9441 or