New app from Aurasma brings Christmas cards to life in 3D

Personalised greetings card specialist Funky Pigeon, which is owned by WH Smith, has teamed up with tech firm Aurasma to bring extra festive cheer to UK homes this Christmas via a groundbreaking new mobile app.

The app. allows mobile users to create and send fun, personalised festive greetings cards and postcards, representing what it’s creators are billing as a “giant leap forward for the humble Christmas card”.

Smartphone and tablet users simply point their device at the special edition Christmas cards to see a range of cartoon characters, including meandering meerkats, slapstick snowmen, jolly penguins, Santa Claus and his trusted companion Rudolph burst into 3D animated life.

Richard Pepper, Business Unit Director of Funky Pigeon commented: “We are always looking for new ways to bring joy and happiness to people through our card designs. Working with the specialist team at Aurasma brings a whole new dimension to the world of greetings cards, with not only a personalised card, but one that bursts into life using the 3D augmented reality viewer in the Funky Pigeon smartphone app.

“With Christmas cards the focus for the launch, both companies are now also working on a large range of general greeting cards to be launched in the New Year. So, whether it’s a special birthday card you are looking for or just simply a new way to say thank you, this new range of cards will really show someone that you care.”

Matt Mills, Head of Partnerships at Aurasma, said: “We are delighted to be working with our feathered friends at Funky Pigeon to add a completely new dimension to their range of Christmas cards. The collaboration is an innovative and creative use of our technology, bridging physical cards with amazing mobile experiences. It’s great to see old festive favorites like the Snowman and Santa getting a new lease of digital life and bringing Christmas cheer into homes up and down the country.”

The Funky Pigeon app can be downloaded for free at the App Store and at Google Play.

See the online demonstration for more details