New recycled paper notebooks from Lala & Papel

todo notepadWith a charming line of fashionable paper, notebooks and journals, Latina marketing professional Claudia Duncan has launched Lala & Papel, a stationery company designed to rouse the skill of handwritten communication. Duncan, who is also a dedicated wife, mom and friend currently living in Nashville, created the beautifully designed products with the desire to encourage people to “nourish the art of writing” on paper.

“In a society where speed and technology seem to be the norm, I still believe in the power of a hand-written note,” shared Claudia, the dreamer behind this project. “Some things just don’t go out of style. I have sat in countless meetings where iPads and laptops abound, yet I’ve watched people jot their ideas, their most valued and intimate thoughts on paper, “I believe in the long-term romance of your heart and your thoughts, and the magic that happens when your pen touches the paper.”

Lala & Papel introduced a line of journals and jotters printed at a local Nashville press.  “This country has given me a great deal and it is important that my products be ‘Made in the USA’,” commented Claudia. Of course all of her products are made with 100% recycled paper with some designs meant to appeal to women and others to men.

Meanwhile, Lala & Papel’s line of beautiful notebooks come in six different designs. The notebooks are called Ideas because it was a notebook that inspired Claudia to launch her designs. Ideas are available in a Multi Chic Red, Chic Blue, Moroccan Blue, and Moroccan Mint. Lala & Papel have also created two designs that are fashionable for men as well as for women: “The Journey and Goals. Our two jotters, To Do and Lists, are both conveniently designed for the organizational needs of everyday life, ads Claudia.