‘Get Britain Writing’ website goes live ahead of National Stationery Week

stationery weekRetailers are being urged to get involved with National Stationery Week from 22-28 April and take advantage of growing consumer and media interest in this exciting initiative.

“10 ways to get involved with National Stationery Week” and free “I’m a stationery addict” badges for customers and staff are available from nationalstationeryweek@firstevents.com

National Stationery Week has recently linked up with the National Literacy Trust, the only national charity dedicated to raising literacy levels in the UK, to promote the importance of writing by hand to teachers and children in particular as part of the “Get Britain Writing” campaign.  This follows the Government’s decision to reintroduce handwriting onto the Secondary Schools’ curriculum.

“Handwriting and stationery is for all ages, and children are the stationery users of tomorrow” says organiser Chris Leonard-Morgan. “One of the main aims of National Stationery Week is to get more people in Britain putting pen to paper, and more often.  Writing by hand and the ability to express oneself and communicate well is more important than ever in a digital age.  National Stationery Week is on a mission to shatter the myths that no one writes letters anymore and that handwriting doesn’t matter.”

National Stationery Week is organised by the London Stationery Show and Stationery Magazine, and is sponsored by Sheaffer, Letts Filofax, Faber-Castell and Mitsubishi uni-ball.

For more information on how we can Get Britain Writing visit the National Stationery Week website