Net2Nana product tip: Jewellery for older ladies

vibrant necklace, gift for mum, gift for grandmaJewellery is always a popular gift for ladies and if chosen with care will be extremely well received. If you are choosing for an older lady, however, there are a few considerations you may like to take into account.

Choose longer length necklaces because these can be popped straight over the head. thereby eliminating the need for her to struggle with a fiddly clasp. Ones similar to the necklace in this photo are ideal because the ribbon fastening can be tied to the perfect length and will always be ready for your loved one to wear and be admired.

Another great thing about this particular choice is that despite being vibrant and modern it is extremely lightweight, older ladies don’t like to be weighed down by their jewels!

If you are choosing earrings make sure the lady in question does indeed have pierced ears,
a lot of older ladies don’t so it may be worth your while seeking out a very pretty clip on pair for her.

A safe but still fabulous gift could be a brooch, perennial favourites yet absolutely on-trend. Find a design she’ll love and that will adorn her favourite jacket lapel, bag or scarf.

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Contributed by Belinda Bull, founder and owner of