Dodo spreads its wings with new greetings card range

dodo pad smallDodo Pad launches brand new greeting card collection, to be printed and distributed by Catch Publishing
Quirky diary, organiser and planner creator Dodo Pad will present a new greeting card collection at Spring Fair. This collection of 16 cards is as bright and eye-catching as the Dodo Pad itself and each card displays a comical sketch from the brand’s long history. Spanning the subtly humorous to the completely ludicrous, the cards are a perfect everyday range for celebrations all year round.

From an illustration of a few birds sitting on a telephone wire with one floating in mid-air – “He’s got Wifi!” – to a dog pulling at his lead exclaiming “I’m at the end of my tether!”, the Dodo Pad cards encompass all that is hilarious about the British brand and are sure to inject their humour into the greetings card market.

Rebecca Jay, Dodo Pad’s managing director, said: “Since its inception 48 years ago, Dodo Pad has been organising and amusing the world with what has become a huge array of offbeat images, jokes, quotes – and sometimes utter nonsense – and many of the best have disappeared into the Dodo Pad vault over time.

“We felt, as we approach our 50th year, that we should unearth some of the best and funniest snippets and give people a good giggle. And what better way to share a sentiment than on a greetings card? We wanted to spread the Dodo Pad humour far and wide and felt that there was no more appropriate way to do this than on the front of someone’s best wishes.”

The cards, which are being co-published and printed by Catch Publishing ( who are exceptionally well established internationally for distribution of greetings cards), will retail at £2.50 each with special online discounts to be announced during the launch.