Bees will be busy at Top Drawer Spring!

BeefayreAt Top Drawer Spring 2014, due to take place from January 12 – 14, you will be able to find some lovely exhibitors who are helping to preserve bee populations with enticing new ranges of body, bath and home fragrance products

Beefayre, exhibiting from stand V32, is a company inspired by nature and the plight of the honeybee, offering beautiful products that really don’t cost the earth. Beefayre uses natural ingredients and donates 3 per cent of profits to bee conservation.

Beefayre beauty and candle products are all made in England and use natural, sustainably sourced ingredients. There are no petroleum ingredients, parabens, sulphates, artificial colours or foaming agents, with recycled glass used for the containers. The prints on the glass are dishwasher proof so you can reuse them as water glasses or tealight holders. All packaging is sustainable and low impact.

fibbertsFilberts Bees, exhibiting from stand W33, has been working with the bees since 2008 , when they began to recycle the wax produced by honey bees into skin care and home care products. In turn, this activity makes the beekeeping sustainable through difficult years. After a hard winter in 2012, many colonies lost to bad weather and disease had to be renewed.

Filberts’ latest small investment project is a breeding house, where they can rear nucleus hives under protection from the weather. Built from local timber sawn on theirown mill, the wooden-framed bee house will be up and running in the Spring.

The Filberts catalogue offers over 50 lines served by 100 hives on sites around West Dorset, with a home apiary in a cider orchard, from which Mark Rogers produces artisan ciders for sale in Dorset and the south of England.