Bridgeman launches new commissioning service

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bridgemanOne of our favourite image libraries, Bridgeman Art Library, is launching a new art commissioning service.


The brand new service, launched in response to demand from clients, is exclusive to Bridgeman Studio Artists and will allow clients to create something entirely new that is tailored specifically for their requirements.

Artists will benefit from the opportunity to offer licensing, print on demand and new commissions. All commissions created through the service will be entirely new works of art delivered via a high quality digital image, and available exclusively to the client for the period of license.

Each artist will be asked to sign a Commission Agreement when agreeing to take on a commission, covering the type of client, client sector, title of work, subject matter, keyword, medium, date for first proof and date for final delivery. The artist will be paid an advance at the beginning of the process and will receive 50% of the overall fee for the commission.

For more information visit the website: