Root Candles hit the UK market

jack-o-lantern-bottle-light-1150-pAs the nights start drawing in for real we’re turning to one of our favourite candle companies to help us light up the long nights.

Founded in Medina, Ohio, in 1869, Root Candles has an unmatched heritage that means they can confidently lay claim to being the “best candles in America” and they’ve just launched to the UK market, making their trade debut at Autumn Fair International.

Set up by the father of modern-day beekeeping, Amos Ives Root, and now into its fifth generation, the family-owned company has developed a strong reputation for innovative ideas, aesthetic appeal, diligent craftsmanship, environmental consciousness, professional integrity and the highest standards of quality.

travel-tin-tangerine-lemongrass-613-pEach Root candle is carefully handcrafted using processes mastered through the generations of specialised craftsmanship combined with the latest in manufacturing technologies. The results are beautifully fragranced candles that are highly regarded for complex bouquets of subtle fragrances and sophisticated color palettes, important factors for discerning candle lovers.

The beekeeping methods established by Amos Root have informed the model for beehives and honey collection around the world and his books, including The ABC’s of  Bee Culture and Bee Culture Magazine, continue to be published today. They are the prime source of information for the beekeeping industry – an industry upon which the environmental health of the planet is greatly dependent as wild bee populations continue to decline.

votive-sugared-fig-591-pA visionary in every way who liked to see his dreams take wing, the fabled Mr Root not only brought his inspiration to the realm of bees but published the first account of his friends the Wright brothers’ inaugural flight. A humanitarian through and through he was praised by Helen Keller for his kindness.

In 1928 the fame of Root Candles’ honey and beeswax enterprise came to the attention of a priest on the hunt for higher quality candles for use in church. He needed to look no further and Root Candles remains a global leader in the production of Liturgical candles alongside its decorative fragranced products for the home. This must have been a great source of satisfaction for the reverent Amos Root, who in 1917 had written:

three-light-candelabrum-1162-p“I looked up at the stars and stripes that were floating in the wind from the flag pole over our company and said, The A.I. Root Company, God permitting, will last for years after A.I. Root, himself, is gone.”

Sold in specialty fine gift and other stores around America, Root Candles are set to make a major impact on the UK market and will consolidate their success at Autumn Fair with a more significant presence at Spring Fair International 2015. The UK operation is run by Stephen Senior, a Yorkshire-based business man with a passion for the environment befitting of the company’s illustrious predecessor.

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