Widdop and Star Wars join forces!

widdopIn a warehouse far, far away, intergalactic stock is on its way for the launch of the new Star Wars movie – “The Force Awakens” which is released in cinemas December 18th 2015.


Widdop Bingham has linked up with Lucas Film and Disney to launch an out of this world new collection of Star Wars licensed gifts for the busy Christmas season. The range will launch at Harrogate Home & Gift (Hall B stand B1) and feature on their Autumn Fair stand in September (Hall 5 stand L2/M3) complete with a real life storm trooper!

The highly anticipated seventh Star Wars film is already generating high levels of interest from both new fans and old and with several more movies planned between now and 2020, its appeal now spans the generations. Widdop Bingham will be running approximately 15 lines across paper wrap and tin storage covering both new material and retro imagery.

Stephen Illingworth, Head of Product Development at Widdop Bingham is excited about the opportunity the license affords, “This is an amazing link-up with a huge global brand which has stood the test of time. Star Wars is such a widely recognised franchise offering retailers a huge opportunity during the last quarter of 2015”.

Will you be feeling the force or turning to the dark side and missing out…?! To find out more about this collection, please contact Widdop Bingham’s sales office immediately.