Darth Vader Mug sets the pace for Star Wars memorabilia

darthIn anticipation of the eagerly awaited Star Wars film release on the 18th of December, Autumn Fair organiser i2i Events Group has predicted what will be the most popular movie merchandise using a new website technology, which enables them to forecast retail trends.


According to buyers browsing the website ahead of this year’s Autumn Fair, the Star Wars Darth Vader mug from Royal Selangor is set to be the best selling Star Wars memorabilia for Christmas.

tongsRoyal Selangor, the world’s largest pewter company, has created the mug in collaboration with The Walt Disney Company to commemorate Star Wars. In addition to the Darth Vader mug, the collection also includes range of luxury pewter merchandise and accessories, from limited edition figurines to cufflinks and flash drives. The collaboration will launch in the UK at Autumn Fair this September.

The Top Five Best Selling Star Wars Memorabilia for Christmas list includes:
light1. The Star Wars Darth Vader Mug from Royal Selangor | RRP £99
2. Darth Vader Wall Light from 3DLIGHTFX | RRP £28.50
3. Star Wars Miracle Melting Trooper by Tobar Group Trading | RRP £8
4. Star Wars Storage Boxes by Widdop Bingham & Co | RRP £7
5. Star Wars BBQ tongs by Bluw | RRP £19.99

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