Floradecora to launch alongside Paperworld and Christmasworld

flo_srin-4Exhibition organiser Messe Frankfurt has announced the launch of the first Floradecora show at its January 2017 event, where it will be co-located with long-standing sister exhibitions Paperworld and Christmasworld.


The development comes as fresh flowers and plants come to new prominence in home interior concepts as an essential aspect of the nature-oriented, aspirational lifestyle where gardening is the hobby of choice. As the organiser puts it: “The yearning for nature and naturalness is a fertile trend.”

gift_company_adventskalenderTogether with Christmasworld, the world’s leading trade fair for the festive decorations sector, Floradecora will sow the seeds for profitable business in retail outlets of all kinds, from specialist retailers, garden centres, furniture stores and DIY markets to supermarkets, discount stores and the food retail trade.

floral-decorating-ideasThe shows will take place from January 27 – 31 at Messe Frankfurt’s own exhibition grounds in Frankfrut, Germany.

The new lifestyle trend is billed as “green, practical and comfortable. In Frankfurt, Berlin or New York, the trend is towards nature and naturalness. In an ever increasing number of cities, initiatives are being launched to transform brownfield sites into urban oases; competitions are being held to find the most attractive balcony; nurseries are renting out land for people to plant themselves; magazines about country life are en vogue – as are decorations with lots of fresh plants and flowers.

tulips“With more and more people moving into cities, there has been a parallel increase in the demand for green surroundings, for a green lifestyle –green and convenient. In addition to the pronounced longing for nature, there is also an urgent need for greater simplicity – with products to make life easier. A desire for the aestheticisation of everyday life has awakened and the home is not only a vital refuge but also an expression of individuality that needs to be furnished and decorated accordingly.

Floradecora will meet the growing demand with around 30 important fresh flower and decorative plant merchants within a unique, carefully structured exhibition space designed to cater specifically to the needs of flower sellers.  Held concurrently with Christmasworld, Floradecora combines the world of festive and seasonal decorations with that of fresh flowers and offers the trade a host of new decorative ideas for the whole year, every festival and all seasons.

cacti“At the same time, we are taking account of the needs of the fresh-flower market, which is looking for new sales channels for its products”, says Christmasworld Director Eva Olbrich, Messe Frankfurt Exhibition GmbH. Thus, flower growers, producers, flower wholesalers, importers / exporters, sales and purchasing cooperatives, auctioneers and packaging companies are very interested in making contact with the bulk-buying trade and new sales channels, e.g., supermarkets, DIY markets, consumer markets, garden centres, furniture stores, interior decorators, decoration shops and gift boutiques.

geraniumNew concepts not only generate new impulses, they also attract new target groups. Young people in particular want an easy life. In contrast with older target groups, they tend to know little about plants and expect uncomplicated yet attractive solutions explains Britta Tröster, Flower  and Decorative Plant Product Manager of Agrarmarkt Informations-Gesellschaft mbH. Therefore, it is necessary to create simple offers for them.

“There are plants, such as geraniums, which always sell well and quickly”, says Britta Tröster. And practically all retailers – not only discount stores – can take advantage of this effect. Actually, plants only need a suitable pot – a package that the customer only has to pop into the shopping cart. Easy and uncomplicated. For this reason, the market for succulents and cacti could also expand. “These plants benefit from the fact that they are not only very easy to care for but also very attractive. And this fits in very well with the convenience trend.” Ready-made floral arrangements, from sprays to tubs with flowering plants in appropriate colours, require little effort but are a source of great joy. And the latest figures confirm that this is the way to go: the market for finished flower and plant products is growing.

spring-interiors-decor-cherry-blossoms-flowers-jarAnd Floradecora in Frankfurt am Main represents fertile ground for this new ‘convenience flower’ market – fertile ground that is interesting for all sales channels and from all perspectives, for example, retail, furniture trade, cash and carry, garden centres, which can be sure of finding made-up floral and plant arrangements, as well as seasonal sales concepts that they can integrate into their assortments and sell, e.g., complete merchandise fixtures or sales wagons. Florists have an amazing choice and can make exclusive selections from a huge range of flowers and plants, in small or large batches, and place orders for every occasion and festivity of the year, as well as find the associated ‘hardware’, such as vases, flower pots and other decorative articles and accessories, at the concurrent Christmasworld.