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New products help butterfly conservation

belightful_hangingsmallThe Belightful Butterfly Feeder, spotted within the Innovations section of this year’s Glee exhibition, brings nature closer to our everyday lives by attracting butterflies, combining excellent form and function with unique design and pleasing user experience.


Founded in Finland by two friends, Belightful Design is a design company specializing in wildlife feeder products and ecological design. The first product in their portfolio is this Butterfly Feeder, which can be placed outdoors to attract butterflies with its’ nectar, resulting in opportunity of embracing the the delight of butterflies.

“We want to offer people an easy and visual way to experience something beautiful and support the nature at the same time”, says CEO and designer, Miia Liesegang. There is a variety of different butterfly feeders on the international markets. “Our Belightful Butterfly Feeder differentiates with its’ design; it is designed for butterflies only with its’ enclosed nectar source.”

butterfly-feederThe world’s butterfly population keeps decreasing due to narrowed habitat and challenging environmental conditions, like urbanization and air pollution. “In Europe alone, the butterfly population has gone down by 50% during our lifetime. With Belightful we want to support biodiversity and enable a fun way of supporting butterflies” says Taina Tallala, Head of Sales and Marketing.

In its’ first target market, the United Kingdom, Belightful Design is already working in partnership with Butterfly Conservation UK.

Belightful Butterfly Feeder was awarded by Formex, the largest interior design event in the Nordic region, for Best Sustainable Business Idea. The company will also represent Finland in International finale of Creative Business Cup.

It has also won the London International Creative Competition, LICC, Honorary Award in category ”Environmental Design” and first place in Finland’s Creative Business Cup.