2017 New Product Preview

We’re heading into that time of year when the buying really begins for the majority of retailers. Christmas is still to come and yet in less than a month festive stock will have been cleared and the trade will be looking to the next round of exhibitions for merchandising inspiration.


Up and down the country thousands of suppliers are preparing to launch their latest ranges and collections at exhibitions from Glasgow, Harrogate and Torquay, London, Birmingham and beyond to Frankfurt and Paris. Going to press in mid-December December – with shopping rising to greater prominence in the gift-giving consciousness – we are thrilled at the amazing choice of fabulous new products being geared up for launch in the weeks ahead.

Many exhibition organisers have made a point of highlighting up and coming lifestyle trends, as seen on the show floor, forecast by international styling agencies or filtered down from catwalks and luxury interior décor. Museums and galleries offer further inspiration, with prominent art exhibitions often fueling global trends alongside zeitgeist-defining events such as the Olympics or hit TV shows and celebrity influencers.


With everything from Art Deco, Abstract, Metallic, Monochrome, Retro, Tropical, Floral, Bohemian, Coastal, Tribal, Natural, Scandinavian, Dutch or quintessentially British to choose from – naming just a few – the range of gift and interiors trends can be overwhelming.


Retailers are presented with a world of indulgence from which to generate arm-length wish-lists as suppliers across all product categories go into design-led overdrive.

From our point of view – with a consumer hat on, for now – shopping bags, baskets, home-enhancing textiles and functional housewares are high on the wanted list. As indulgent lovers of stationery products we’ll also be keeping our eyes peeled for sumptuous designs and gorgeous gift options that won’t break the bank.

Stationery and greeting card buyers are in for a treat at Top Drawer, which now incorporates Paperfest and has a truly fabulous selection of product from the cream of greetings and stationery designers including Louise Tiler, Katie Leamon, Portico, Ohh Deer, Hotchpotch, Art Angels, Chase & Wonder, Esmie, Madame Treacle, Five Dollar Shake and more.


Spring Fair also has a fine selection of greetings in the midst of its vast selection of giftware and growing home section. Within the extensive Contemporary Gift & Home sector we found the wonderful Zeal Home, designer of these fabulous turkey themed napkins, perfect for Christmas.



In home accessories we love the vibrant textiles from Ashiana Accessories (top left) and beautiful animal themed tableware from Cream Cornwall, which includes cups, dishes, placemats and more. For gifting we have our eye on this lovely new Nordic-inspired lifestyle brand, Douglas The Boy Wonder (green tote bag pictured above right) and pretty animal calendar from captivating artist / card publisher, Anna Wright.

Also hitting the spot are the lovely baskets from Edinburgh-based Bohemia Design, pictured above left, which works in ethical partnership with artisans around the world. Their handwove Moroccan baskets would make great, eclectic planters. There is also an amazing choice of home fragrances out there and top of our wish list are the glorious scent-impregnated flowers by Cote Noire.

There is also a lot of stunning jewellery out there and we’re loving these beautiful flying owl earrings by Amanda Coleman, perfect for bird lovers, whimsical witchy types and Harry Potter fans alike.



Images from top to bottom: Avenida Home, Imagination Illustrated, Ashiana Accessories, Jamida Home, Bohemia Designs, Douglas The Boy Wonder, Katie Leamon, Zeal, Anna Wright, Cote Noire, Amanda Coleman, Lola Design.