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A sweet summer for The House of Turnowsky and Clintons

Iconic design house and luxury greeting card and stationery brand, The House of Turnowsky, is proud to announce that an exclusive selection of its licensed images have been chosen for use on a new premium chocolate brand – Cocoa Paradise – launched by British multiple retailer, Clintons.


It is the first time either Turnowsky or Clintons have had a presence in this market and the delicious, award-winning chocolate is made from the finest cocoa beans sourced from the best international producers. The delightful taste of Cocoa Paradise is reflected in a series of unique designs which express the incredible tropical fauna of Madagascar, Venezuela, Peru and Ecuador, where the ingredients were sourced.

There are 12 varieties of Cocoa Paradise, for which Turnowsky has provided a set of exotic artworks featuring different floral designs from its licensing portfolio, all created in-house by its talented creative team. The sumptuous images were all chosen by Clintons from one of Turnowsky’s 32 licensing collections, Essence of Blossom.

The new Cocoa Paradise brand sits alongside a tempting array of boxed chocolate in the Clintons sweet shop – including Ferrero Rocher, Lindt and Thorntons – together with a variety of jars and ribbon tied bags of sweets. The bars, which are available in dark, milk and white chocolate, have a retail price of £1.99 when purchased with a card or £3 when bought individually.

The House of Turnowsky Business Success Manager, Alice Yontan, says:  “We are thrilled to have played a part in the creation of this exciting new product category for Clintons. It is their first own-brand chocolate range and we hope our evocative designs help to entice shoppers who might enter the store for a greeting card, only to find they could not resist a taste of Paradise!  Cocoa Paradise is a fantastic premium chocolate brand that I hope will prove to be very tempting for British consumers. Research shows that the British have a strong appetite for chocolate and this is a significant growth market for the UK. Cocoa Paradise will play an important role in helping Clintons to further develop their confectionery offering. ”

The House of Turnowsky Chief Executive, Kobi Tadmor says: “This latest development builds on Turnowsky’s long and fruitful relationship with American Greetings Group, for which it supplies thousands of greeting card, giftwrap and stationery designs that can be found across an impressive portfolio of retail stores around the USA and UK, in prestigious outlets that include Papyrus and Clintons”.