Lucy Coggle inspires at Top Drawer

One of our very favourite stands at Top Drawer was new company and Spotted exhibitor, Lucy Coggle, who we predict will become a prominent rising star in the world of Gift and Home.

Combining a love of handmade images with a bespoke digital twist,award-winning Royal Academy of Art graduate Lucy Coggle founded her company just last year. Her work is held in the Royal Collection as well as numerous private collections around the world.

Says Lucy: “It all started when I had my hands full with a two-week old and my husband’s birthday was looming. I had no idea what to do for a present: it was bleakest January, we’d only just had Christmas, and I couldn’t find anything online.

“Inspiration struck – our new baby girl and her lovely big feet. I couldn’t resist making prints with them, and although my first attempt was a bit of a mess with her inky feet waving all over the place, after a while I got two good prints on a clean page. Pencil in hand, I started to sketch a baby owl around them (her nickname is ‘Owl’), snatching any moment she was asleep to get drawing.

“My husband loved his little Owlet, and visitors started noticing her too. Soon friends and friends-of-friends were asking if I could do a drawing for their babies, nephews, nieces etc, and the idea for my company was born”.

As well as the delightful new baby prints and gifts, Lucy has a beautiful line of ceramics, cushions and stationery, all featuring her signature, character-rich animal drawings, with not a flamingo in sight!