Christmasworld 2018/19 trend forecast

Christmasworld organiser, Messe Frankfurt, has released details of its decorative trend predictions for 2018/19, comprising four style worlds for festive décor.


Leading European trend forecasting agency Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano was commissioned by Messe Frankfurt to analyse the latest currents in society, in interior design and in the world of fashion and to identify the major trends, to be staged in the Christmasworld Trend Show from 26 to 30 January 2018, with the help of products provided by exhibitors.

‘Vivid Heritage’, ‘Eclectic Gathering’, ‘Balanced Sobriety’ and ‘Splendid History’ will form the basis of a powerful display in the Foyer of Hall 11.0 of the show, providing a wealth of fabulous ideas for product sourcing.

Vivid Heritage is rich in tradition, lively, full of vitality. At the heart of this style are patterns and motifs drawn from folklore, together with handicraft skills and craftsmanship, which, with their modern design and graphical elements, create a contemporary, yet natural, impression. Suitable colour combinations to go with it are bright vibrant colours, including mustard, petrol and red.

Inspiration comes from Mexico, Brazil, Scandinavia, Rumania, Russia, Poland, as influences from the most diverse cultural backgrounds come together. Examples on display will include blossom, entwined foliage, ethnic, bold designs and geometrical patterns, mostly produced using typically traditional techniques. Characteristic of this style are also scratching, engraving, etching and grinding techniques, as well as painting, appliqué and embroidery.

This style interprets traditional handicraft skills from diverse cultures in a very lively, modern way, with strong colours such as mustard, petrol and red. Particularly in evidence are patterns drawn from folklore and ethnic motifs, often in appliqué or embroidery.

Eclectic Gathering is a multi-faceted, dynamic, striking This look takes contrast to new heights so that it becomes the concept. Extremely diverse design elements come together here: glamorous and sporty, delicate and intense, every day and spectacular. The dominant tones are pink, lemon, mandarin and azure combined with a delicate rosé, black and an elegant gold.

Inspiration comes from creating something new by putting disparate things together. Collage is the starting point for this extravagant trend. Materials, textures and patterns appear in surprising contexts. Shimmering, vibrant, reflective and lustrous materials such as crystal, foil, mother of pearl and mirror-glass combine with playful details, exaggerated shapes and patterns. This imaginative use of motifs and colours extends from delicate blossom and butterflies to exciting, spray colour effects and in your face fluorescent neon elements.

Eclectic gathering is an extravagant trend combining apparent contrasts such as crystal, foil, mother of pearl and mirror glass with playful details, exaggerated shapes and patterns, and creates surprise collage effects in pink, lemon, mandarin, azure, rosé, black and gold balanced sobriety – clear, simple and perfect.

Balanced Sobriety is clear, simple and perfect, a style inspired by a Japanese aesthetic that achieves its appeal through a consistently calm and harmonious outward effect. The key here is to express the essentials with minimum means. In line with the purist approach to design, the colour palette also appears modest, with restrained natural tones from pure white to rose gold, a shiny but cool grey, deep bordeaux red and black.

A limited number of materials is involved and they captivate our attention through the consistency and perfection with which they are used. Light-coloured woods, matt brass and shiny black surfaces dominate the picture. The most finely worked wood, artistic woven and braided structures, knotting, folding, high-quality natural papers, folded and fan-like shapes, all go to create an extremely aesthetic impression.

Alongside this, there are some impressively effective contrasts of matt and shiny surfaces, often combined with an unexpected tactile or olfactory impact, such as that of fragrant woods.

Balanced Sobriety showcases a purism of design created mainly through the use of light-coloured woods, matt brass and shiny black surfaces. Restrained, natural tones range from pure white to rose-gold, shiny ones from a cool grey to bordeaux red and black

Splendid History is elaborate, sumptuously decorated, opulent. Luxurious settings are reminiscent of the impact of Italian Palazzi. Designs are decorative, often with a multitude of historical allusions, but embodying an unmistakably contemporary approach. An elegant series of dark, saturated colours provides the sumptuous glow of aventurine, an elegant aquamarine and warm gold.

The splendour of this environment appears to have its roots in a glorious past epoch. Refined textiles, lace, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, marble, metal-effect surfaces and dark woods. The materials come across as exclusive and expensive. Palm fronds, large feathers, exotic leaves and magical landscapes, together with regal, historical features, are used to create the extravagant motifs.

The luxurious and elegant are staged in unconventional and modern ways with lots of lace, precious and semi-precious stones, pearls, marble and extravagant motifs. Dark, saturated colours are combined with elegant aventurine, aquamarine and gold

The experts from Stilbüro bora.herke.palmisano will be conducting daily lectures on these trends during Christmasworld and will conclude each lecture with a tour of the four style worlds in the Trend Show. The sessions will take place at 11:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. every day from 26 to 29 January 2018 and at 12:00 noon on 30 January.