3D paper magic from Faye Stevens

Faye Stevens is a designer and illustrator living in Leeds who creates lovely 3D greeting cards and paper sculptures. 2018 will be Faye’s second year at the British Craft Trade Fair (BCTF, Stand 104), where she will be expanding on last year’s designs as well as exploring new ideas.


After the success of the pop-up hanging bird card/decorations from last year she has designed some free-standing pop-up paper cats and reindeer. Faye comments: “I love to magic of pop-up and the way that it can be easily stored or posted when 2D then simply popped into shape to create a small character, a sculpture, a gift and a card in one.

“Also, this year I have had the pleasure of working with Sunbeam Ales, a Leeds based microbrewery, designing their branding and pump clips. I wanted to continue with these illustrations in my own work and I have created my first range of purely 2D cards. These are my ‘I Wish You…’ cards. These cards explore the precious moments that money can’t buy. The idea to give each character grey hair come from a desire to embrace aging rather than trying to ignore it. I wish aging to be filled with precious moments for myself and I wish this for others too.

“My ever-popular 3D pressed flower cards will also feature on my stand because these have proved yet again to be a best seller. These are simple cards that aim to display the delicate, fragile beauty of pressed flowers when open but then protected inside the card when closed so that they can be posted or stored”.

Each of Faye’s designs follows the same key aims: They must be beautiful, simple and offer something a little different, a surprise, a gift and a card in one.

The British Craft Trade Fair will take place from April 8-10 2018 at the Great Yorkshire Showground in beautiful Harrogate.