Household chores made simple with Ambiente Solutions

Obviously, a broom is for sweeping up rubbish. But that doesn’t automatically mean you can reach every nook and cranny. This whole area of tricky questions is tackled at the Solutions feature show at Ambiente.

29 products have been selected for this special Ambiente show by Sebastian Bergne – each of them with some genuine user benefit. Bergne, a London-based industrial designer, has made meticulously sure that all household and kitchen aids are fully focused on functionality and innovation. What fascinates him above all is a design that provides very simple solutions to everyday problems – hence the title of the area.

Sebastian Bergne was advised in his choice by Kate Birch, editor at Tableware International, and Dr. Claudia Wasser, editor-in-chief at Trend & Style. All the selected products will be showcased at Ambiente, in the foyer of Hall 4.0, from 9 to 13 February 2018. The concept of the presentation, too, comes from Bergne. Each product has a special emphasis on practical design and a restrained shape.

Twisted is a measuring jug from Alessi that gives us a different perspective. While conventional measuring jugs have transparent materials or embossed markings, this bright red Italian kitchen utensil features an ascending inside spiral. So the filling level can easily be read from above.

The Monkey is a palm-sized speaker from Palomar that plays radio programmes and playlists via Bluetooth. The little cuboid gadget provides portable enjoyment in monochrome black, white or red. It owes its name to the flexible aerial on the side that allows attaching the speaker to the back of a chair, a branch or just a wrist. So it’s a bit like a monkey with a tail.

Stirr from Üutensil is a gravy stirrer on a tripod that rotates as if by magic. Once it’s been placed in the centre of the saucepan and you’ve selected one of the two speeds, it whizzes around happily and non-stop. The device is suitable for gravy or indeed hot milk, and it’s highly unlikely that anything will get burned.

The inner surface of a frying pan in the SensoRed range turns a deep – and not very subtle – Marsala red. This happens as soon as the perfect frying temperature has been reached, and it’s an effect which the manufacturer, Fissler, has achieved with a coat of thermo-sensitive non-stick sealant. It will even motivate users if they’ve previously shied away from any frying.

Multitop from Mono is a stainless steel lid that fits perfectly onto any vessel up to 22 centimetres in the small version and up to 26 centimetres in the large version. The very clear curvature of the Multitop lid is also ideal for placing cooking utensils, for keeping food hot over hot water and for setting aside cut vegetables.

On track for solutions

The open design of Solutions invites visitors to come and explore this special exhibition. Journalists will be taken on an exclusive tour of this exhibition by Sebastian Bergne on Saturday 10 February 2018.

Solutions at a glance

FireFinger (AdHoc) lighter extension, Forma cheese grater (Alessi), Twisted measuring jug (Alessi), Aron saucepan (Carl Schmidt Sohn), E-Cosy washable paper bag (Cosy@Table), System espresso cup (Cmielow Design Studio), Revowhisk egg whisk (Daudi), Arabesque biscuit cutter (Decora-Karma), Geoforme pie and baking tin (De Buyer Industries), To-go EcoSouLife Bio Sip Cup coffee travel cup (Ecolife International), MyFlavour travel bottle (Eva Solo), garlic press (Fackelmann), lemon press with holder (Fackelmann), SensoRed range of frying pans (Fissler), pie and cake cutter (Lares Blechwarenfabrikation), Crackr nutcracker (Lyfe), Ellipse lunchbox (Mepal), King Tong tongs (Monkey Business Design), Multitop cooking lid (Mono), Diamond Active Lite pressure cooker (Norbert Woll), Good Gravy gravy strainer (OXO), The Monkey loudspeaker (Palomar), Splunger shower curtain fixtures (Peleg Design), Calido thermo-plate (Sanodegusto), Ducky Pour Spout pouring spout (The Hongkong Exporters‘ Association), Mason Cash Roller Shaker rolling pin (The Rayware Group), Dr. Cut ergonomic garden shears (Udoergo), StirrTime automatic gravy stirrer (Üutensil), Salter Megastone cookware (Ultimate Products).