An innovative exhibition concept

With Paper & Friends, Tendence is creating a new area for calendars, greetings cards, stationery, gift books and notebooks. The exhibition date at the end of June is the perfect time for ordering wall calendars and Christmas cards, in particular.

In the heart of Hall 11.0 will be the new address for stationery and printed products at Tendence. The Paper & Friends area will be showcasing calendars, greetings cards and postcards, as well as gift books and notebooks, in inspiring surroundings.

“With the clearly focused content and careful choice of exhibitors, we will be offering stationery, gift and lifestyle shop owners a product mix that is diverse, but where everything goes together”, says Bettina Bär, Director of Tendence.

“With its date in early summer, Tendence presents an ideal ordering platform, particularly for calendars and greetings cards, as well as the whole range of Christmas stationery products.” Stationery companies such as Ars Vivendi, Adeo Verlag, Coppenrath Verlag, Dumont Kalenderverlag, Lagom, Pabuku and Paper Moon have already expressed interest in exhibiting their products in the new stationery area.

Paper & Friends is being curated and designed by Angelika Niestrath. She is an expert in supplementary product ranges and displays and by no means unknown in this field. She already has many years’ experience in developing and implementing innovative exhibition concepts and, among other things, is working with Paperworld and the Frankfurt Book Fair. “Paper & Friends will present the different product ranges as an attractive package, like a concept store for specialist retailers”, says Niestrath. “What is more, the imaginative design of the stands will generate impulses for creative product displays in shops.”

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