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Designer Kitty Cushions!

Kitty Cushion is a new addition to the Lush designs’ range of quirky, printed homewares. A plump cat with ornate tabby styling, made in England from sturdy washable canvas with a side zip and feather pad, looks great snuggled on the sofa and comes in three gorgeous colour alternatives. Its retails at £37.50

The finely detailed drawn patterns and humour is characteristic of the brand which is the work of design duo Marie Rodgers and Maria Livings. Applied to large range of home-wares, textiles, soft-furnishings, ceramics and lamp shades, the rather nostalgic, illustrative and highly decorative designs are made from their own drawings which often feature animals.

Friends for over 30 years, Marie and Maria developed their partnership when they were still at college and have evolved to embrace all aspects of surface design and print as well as finding ways to bring it to life in 3D.

Now the Lush Designs brand is a favourite with design-led retailers looking for British home-wares with real character. They pride themselves in great relationships with their trade customers and are always developing new designs to keep their range fresh.

Visit the stand at Top Drawer in September or check out the whole range at www.lushlampshades.co.uk