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Mud Glorious Mud!

G&G Review enjoyed wallowing in Glorious Mud at Pulse 2018, which was a wonderfully inspiring show full of great gift and home ideas, many with strong eco-friendly and sustainble credentials.

Ceramicist Cressida Borrett, the founder of Glorious Mud home and giftware said: “Having decided to ban cling film from my house last summer, I soon discovered the inconvenience of storing left overs in the fridge and freezer without it. My plastic boxes have all seen better days, and the lids don’t fit properly. Saucers balanced on bowls fall off and break on the way to the fridge.

“This combo is my solution. A modern straight sided plate that fits over the bowl turning in to a lid. It freezes shut, and you can even write what’s in it in pencil which will wash off in the dishwasher a fterwards.Even better, keep it at work and use it to microwave soup for lunch, making a meal at your desk taste and feel better. Eating off bone china has to be an improvement on a plastic box or takeaway container.

“Now we just need to train the local deli to be okay with using it instead of a plastic box next time I go in to buy a salad”

Glorious Mud ceramics are all made in England by people not machines of fine bone China. RRP £42.00