Erica Sturla prepares for first exhibition at BCTF

Erica Sturla creates lively and colourful scenes with three-dimensional clay figures set against hand painted backgrounds, working from her studio in Worthing. Limited edition prints, greetings cards and tea towels are also available. She is also experimenting with “wearable art” in the form of printed images on scarves.

Inspirations are firmly rooted in the simple pleasures of everyday life – the joy is in creating a painting that celebrates people doing familiar things in a new and exciting way. There are countless subjects waiting to be explored, but favourite themes are the seaside, the great outdoors and people busily enjoying themselves there!

Erica shows her original paintings and limited edition prints in galleries across the UK. Her work also appears on an expanding range of products, including greetings cards and gifts.

She has been in business since 2011, working mainly with independent art galleries, and will be a first time exhibitor at BCTF 2019, showing her collection from stand 232. Erica comments: “I’m inspired by the simple pleasures of everyday life. I love to create a scene that celebrates the familiar in a new and joyful way. I’m looking forward to seeing some amazing British craft at BCTF, introducing my work to new people and, hopefully, begin working with some of them to create more joyful scenes of new places!”

Erica thinks the hallmarks of great British design are: “Quality, originality, humour – We love a classic with a new twist!”