Jeweller Becca Macdonald in profile


Becca Macdonald will exhibit at BCTF for the first time in 2019, within the Newcomers section of the legendary show for British designer-makers.

A self-taught metal-clay jeweller, Becca is based in the World Heritage Site of Saltaire Village, West Yorkshire, where she handcrafts all her pieces. Metal clay combines recycled silver particles with a natural binder that once fired, becomes sold, pure, fine silver.

Speaking about her work, Becca says: “Due to the transient nature of the making process, every piece captures a unique moment of movement, a unique gesture. I individually hand paint all of my silver brushstrokes. They are created by layering strokes of silver clay slip. There shape is totally organic and each stroke unique”.

“My collection is guided by my previous ceramics practice and my education in Textile Design, influences which are apparent in my choice of material, process and obsession with texture. I am inspired by “human presence and traces, natural movement, organic, fluid shapes and the ephemeral.”

Visitors to BCTF 2019 can look forward to seeing a variety of new necklace, bracelet and brooch designs, alongside gold-plated variations of her current collection.

Speaking about her hopes for exhibiting at BCTF, she comments: “I am very much looking forward to meeting people in the craft industry. I hope to appeal to a range of national stockists that promote handmade products and independent designer makers. As I am a newcomer I am very excited to be exhibiting, as I believe this fair will be a springboard for my business and the contacts I will make will be so valuable”.

We asked what Becca thinks are the hallmarks of great British design. Her take is: “I believe there is a story. Personal, relatable, not too serious, warm, inviting. A focus on craftsmanship and technique.