Autumn Fair to launch new AI-powered customer experience app

Autumn Fair is launching AF Product Match, a new app that will help event attendees discover the must-have products ahead of the golden quarter as well as facilitate networking opportunities. The artificial intelligence-powered app learns users’ preferences to deliver personalised product recommendations to buyers; similarly, it will suggest the most relevant attendees to connect with to exhibitors.

The new app, exclusively available to Autumn Fair visitors and exhibitors, will allow attendees to browse and favourite products, exhibitors and seminars available at the show; create unique lists of must see products and make Autumn Fair’s unrivalled scale as accessible as possible.

Exhibitors will be able to browse through pre-registered visitors and will have the opportunity to invite attendees to visit their stand at the show and connect ahead of the fair through an online chat.

In developing an understanding of attendees’ preferences, the AF Product Match will help ensure that the event experience is as productive as possible. The app uses data provided by exhibitors and visitors upon registration and overlays it with multiple algorithms that analyse the user behaviour to learn about their business needs. As a result, AF Product Match can intelligently recommend the most relevant products to check out and people to meet.

AF Product Match will also serve as the authoritative Autumn Fair guide with schedules for all four of the Fair’s theatres being built into the interface, letting attendees know exactly what’s going on and at what time.

Louise Young, Managing Director of Spring and Autumn Fair at ITE Events, said: “Autumn Fair has always been about maximising our customers’ investment, being that money or time. The AF Product Match is another step in that direction.

“We recognise that time spent at Autumn Fair is increasingly valuable, which is why the app is specifically designed to make the tough decisions for attendees about which products and suppliers will be of most relevance to them. The app’s recommendations will help buyers to discover the newest products in a way that makes the show’s unrivalled size and variety more accessible, ensuring that attendees’ experience is as streamlined and personalised as possible.”

The AF Product Match app will be available on Apple and Android from 06/08/2018. It will also be available as a web-based platform to ensure accessibility for all across platforms and devices.