Kinemona Vintage special show is all about yellow

The ‘Kinemona Vintage’ special show from the Dutch design team at 2dezign inspires us to take on board a whole new style of surface design. It combines saffron and gold tones with vintage elements and is set to plunge the Christmasworld visitors into a world of new and rather special experiences, at the centre of Hall 12 from 25 to 29 January 2019.

Good things from yesteryear keep returning, in the worlds of fashion, interior decoration and Christmas decoration, meaning vintage style is always on trend. The new ‘Kinemona Vintage’ special show by 2dezign will feature a unique new vintage look at Christmasworld 2019, based on the currently very fashionable saffron yellows.

This special display will serve as inspiration for storytelling at the point of sale, giving retailers plenty of stimulating ideas for extravagant large-scale, shop-window and shop designs. The aim of the two designers is to attract customers with a completely unexpected display and tempt them to buy things through the use of a unique presentational scenario put together by 2dezign directors, Rudi Tuinman and Pascal Koeleman. One of the key features of their presentation will be fresh flowers and plants from Floradecora exhibitors, combined with the decorative products of Christmasworld exhibitors.

New for 2019: this special display will form the centrepiece of Hall 12 – at the heart of the Christmas and Seasonal Decoration product groups.

The designers will demonstrate how shopping can become a richly new experience. Cherished objects and items of furniture from the past acquire a freshly polished look and are combined with modern pieces and decorations. The result is a thoroughly comfortable nostalgic feel, which invites people to discover more. Use is made, for instance, of old doors, window panes, leaded windows and cupboards.

“The creative reworking of old objects, to turn them into cool, modern items, is always a challenge but makes, in the end, for an extremely interesting look. And as a result, we can create eye-catching displays that are ideally suited for use in retail environments,” confirms Pascal Koeleman. “It doesn’t matter if it’s furniture, Christmas decoration, lighting or decorative features – it’s all about combining things in a different way, in order to create a special atmosphere in the shop. And it can be done without buying lots of new things,” adds Rudi Tuinman.

Colour deploys its powers in all seasons, but especially at Christmastime. “The various shades of yellow will make an ultramodern impression this winter season. In combination with a lot of grey, black and some gold, we are shifting this one-time summer colour into the cosy warmth of the Christmas period,” says Rudi Tuinman. Flowers and plants bring nature into play, give life to the special show and add that certain ‘something extra’. “Most people react very positively to flowers in their environment. Flowers provide a sense of wellbeing and are, therefore, well suited to jazzing up a shop and giving it a bit of a facelift, explains Pascal Koeleman. This year, the focus is very much on flowers, with lots of yellow roses, gerbera and white orchid plants.

Those, who would like to order the products used, will find the entire range of seasonal and festive decoration in Halls 8, 9, 11 and 12 of the show.