Spring Summer 2020 Trends

Retailers on buying and browsing visits to the autumn trade shows will be keen to not only pinpoint potential hot-sellers for Christmas 2019, but also to keep ahead of emerging trends for spring/summer 2020. As we monitor important colour trends, Gifts & Greetings Review will have sustainably produced, handmade products at the top of our wish list and we will also be keeping an eye out for striking textiles and captivating wall art.

Autumn Fair’s trend partners, Colour Hive, have come up with seven colour trends they think will dominate home and giftware in the seasons ahead, starting with the soft, grey-tinted Dutch Blue, picking up on a theme which was already big at Ambiente 2018 which had The Netherlands as its partner country. Contemporary Dutch design has been coming to prominence for a few years now and this classic Regency-style blue has stood the test of time for the past 300 years. The perfect Regency choice “This hard-standing colour trend goes well with inky blacks, off whites, and deeper shades of wood”, says Colour Hive.

Turquoise is part of the “Parade trend Spring Summer 2020 group”, a fresh, aquatic colour which goes well with powdery blues and bold reds or dark purples.

Staying with the cool palette is Pistachio, which fits within Colour Hive’s wider macro-trend, Kinship, which they say is “emerging in response to the younger generation’s rejection of traditional values. It places an emphasis on freedom and sharing”. This soft green also comes with an eco-friendly reminder to keep things organic, with its washed out feel which lends itself to recycling.

Warming things up is Peach Jelly, also within the Kinship range. This pastel peach finds definition when paired with strong shades of dark green and grey. Perfect for rugs, cushions and other soft furnishings. The third and final colour in the Kinship colour trend group is Tinned Salmon, a soft pastel pink which harmonises well with greens and greys. The perfect shade to add colour to a neutral room.

The next colour trend, Grape, is part of the Parade group and is said by Colour Hive to evoke “a drag queen’s wardrobe, a collage with feathers sequins and patchwork all layered together in a fabulous assortment. Grape is a bold and playful purple that blends energetically with dark blues, deep yellows, and turquoise”.

Also part of the parade is Egg Yolk, which nods to the fashion forecasts which see a very yellow horizon! Optimism and happiness are expressed by this sunny colour with mustard undertones, which blends well with deep blues, purples and charcoal greys.

Alongside such colour predictions, another trend seems to be building around home textiles and soft furnishings – already popular product categories, but also ones which enable consumers to easily adorn rental properties and put their personal stamp on shared spaces. In an age where home ownership is becoming more difficult for younger generations, these accessible personal touches are likely to become more important than ever. We can add to this blooming decorative streak and passion for pattern a nice sub-trend for opulent wallpapers and unusual wall art. New for the Autumn 2019 edition of Dutch exhibition showUP is “Aan de muur” (On the wall), contemporary designs, graphics and illustrations for on the wall. Also new is the high quality mobile gadgets section, another product category which can only get bigger in the seasons to come.

images top to bottom: Valerie Graham; Costa Nova and I Like Birds for My Gifts Trade; Paneone Eyewear, Estella Bartlett, Essenza Home, Humblewood, Van Veere

It should naturally go without saying that sustainably manufactured products are to be preferred over those which are reliant upon plastics, inks, varnishes and other materials which are unkind to the environment. Never has handmade simplicity been more on trend, and it’s the easiest thing in the world to combine with fresh colours for the season.

Textiles in the shapes of plaids, pillows and cloths are always well represented at Dutch trade exhibition, showUP, but this year more so than any other editions before. At the event, which runs from September 1-2 at Expo Haarlemmermeer, Amsterdam, you will be able to find a breathtaking array of home textiles, from throws, rugs and cushions through to duvet covers, tea-towels and children’s gifts. Look out for brands which clearly take care and maintain high manufacturing standards, in preference to throwaway items.