Taking care of Nature is an Art

Legendary calendar, stationery and greeting card publisher, House of Turnowsky, has issued one of its most spectacular ever luxury calendars for 2020, the year when the company will celebrate its 80th anniversary.

The large format calendar is printed on luxurious board complete with gold embossing and a wealth of stunning detail which for years have made Turnowsky’s special edition calendars into collector’s items.

This is the age of awareness and dominance of humankind. The human race has been the unopposed ruler over the animal and plant kingdoms for decades, and has mastered control over nearly all aspects of life on earth.

Turnowsky’s Alice Yontan says: “We have created a pressing need to sustain the wild – to save species from the brink of extinction… falling off the face of the earth. We are the protectors and the keepers of our shared “stomping grounds.”

Thanks to the many efforts of national parks, governments, “green organizations” and the Endangered Species Act of 1973, many species have been brought back from the “endangered” status.

This calendar reminds us to continue our efforts and cherish the creatures of the world, both endangered and threatened, or to simply be their voice.

You can look forward to seeing more from House of Turnowsky at Paperworld 2020, where they will have a large and beautiful stand displaying all their latest paper products alongside an exlcusive glimpse of their 2020 licensing programme.