Playmobil launches Nose and Mouth Mask

Toy manufacturer Playmobil has launched the first reusable “Playmobil Nose and Mouth Mask”, which it has already supplied to its workforce worldwide and is now offering for sale via its UK website.

The mask is available in three colours and small, medium and large sizes, at an initial price of £4.99, one pound of which will be donated to charities helping with the fight against COVID-19.

As high demand is anticipated, production of the new mask has been running at overdrive, after the new injection moulds were built in record time based on an ingenious prototype design.

Playmobil said: “With medical masks and PPE stocks in high demand, the Playmobil Nose and Mouth Mask can make a positive contribution to protecting stocks of these products for keyworkers and those most in need.”