Gorgeous Gifts for New Dog owners

Over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, there has been a significant rise in dog adoption. More time spent at home has meant that families have been finally able to adopt a gorgeous pooch of their own.

If you have a new dog, or you know someone who does, you might be thinking of a gift to welcome the new family member! Having a new dog in the house is tiring and time consuming, so a small gift can really help out at this time. Most people might opt for a squeaky toy for the new dog – but what else could come in handy for new dog owners?

A snuggly blanket!

Dogs can often become overwhelmed when they finally come home to their new owners. They sometimes get anxious and afraid, and for this, they need a den to call their own and make them feel safe. This can be in the form of a crate or a dog bed – whatever makes the dog most comfortable. A lovely snuggly blanket can go a long way for a dog who is new to their environment. It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive – just soft, warm, and big enough to go in the bed.

A helpful book

If you or your friend is a first-time dog owner, there’s nothing wrong with giving them a helpful book about raising a dog. If the dog is a puppy, there’s plenty to know about raising a little pup, and the first year with you is the most formative of all. For adult rescue dogs, a different approach is needed – each dog will have its own history, experience and outlook on life. Rescue dogs are wonderful companions but can be more unpredictable than pups. Help a new dog owner adjust by giving them a helpful dog raising guide.

A dog-themed human gift

If the dog already has what it needs from its loving new owner, perhaps give your friend or family member a cute surprise gift for them! A mug or bowl with their dog’s name on it, for example, would make a sweet addition to the kitchen. The human will likely be tired, overwhelmed and a little emotional at first – any sweet gesture will go a long way.

Where to buy from

If you are interested in supporting sustainable, family-run businesses during the pandemic, try to source your doggie gift from a small business that makes great quality dog products. As we all know, during this time many small businesses have found that financially they are struggling to make ends meet, not having the global market economy that larger brands like Amazon do.

If you live near a local pet boutique store, perhaps pay them a visit to support them and get a sweet handmade doggie gift. Online, you can find beautiful dog gifts from In Your Dog House Gifts, which are good quality and made to last.