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Memories In Song, LLC

Memories In Song, LLC
Company Name: Memories In Song, LLC

As a singer, songwriter and poet, I get so much joy out of transcribing my thoughts to paper and then watching a song emerge from it. Most songwriters will tell you that most songs written are based on real life experiences. A songwriter pulls from the heart, and a little songwriting skill also helps, to develop a great song. A great song is what we want for you. A personal song and heirloom items with special information about the one you love. With our music and your desire to bring to life a special moment, this can be a reality.

Nestled in a small town near Richmond Virginia, I started this business out of my home. The company’s main goals are to take care of the customers, maintain good relationships, and provide superior customer service. Many of today’s businesses have let customer service and quality become second in order to make the extra dollar. That’s why Memories in Song will use the best talent and the best quality studio tools to create the personalized CD and heirloom items of the customer’s dreams.

Memories in Song believes in the American dream; This is a family-owned and operated business that is driven by a passion for music – music can heal the soul. The company values the clients so Memories in Song will provide the best experience possible when creating each CD and heir loom products.

I have played some of our songs for infants and toddler and the response has been phenomenal. Please read our testimonials.

Address: PO Box 1667
Postcode: 23860
City: Hopewell
County/State: VA
Country: United States
Telephone: (804) 799-1647