Clare Mackie – UK Illustrator illuminates greetings cards and stationery

Clare Mackie, well known UK illustrator has her work published on and applied to a variety of products including greetings cards, stationery, china, prints and blinds. Her fine hand, with a very tiny brush, creates the most multilayered of images, popular in the Greetings and Gifts industries.

One client, Ne’Qwa Art, based in Texas US, works with talented artists in China to produce hand painted ornaments, using a centuries old reverse-painting technique, to meticulously reproduce artwork onto the inside of each ornament. See Clare’s work for Ne’Qwa Art on visual.

Clare has also had a presence in newspapers, magazines and worked with world famous luxury brands in retail and manufacturing. Her clients include Harvey Nichols, John Lewis, Nieman Marcus, The Guardian, New York Times, Country Life and Harpers & Queen.

Clare Mackie products are available from:

Doricmore – for greetings cards, notebooks, signed prints, calendars and mugs.

Also for greetings cards:

The Art Group   (UK and Europe only)

Marian Heath    (USA, Australia, Canada only)

American Greetings (USA and Canada only)