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Jane Means Wraps it up: Costing an in store Gift Wrapping service

Ensuring you buy your gift wrapping materials wholesale, a wrapped gift can cost as little as 30p per gift.  Keep costs to a minimum by using the correct amount of wrap and remnants can be used for smaller gifts.  As ribbon is expensive, avoid crossing it over on a box as you will use twice as much.  Tie a single band of ribbon around the box, finishing off with a classic bow.

Remember that customers wont pay more than what they could do it for themselves so start with a reasonable charge (under £3).  If you sell larger products in your store you  do a tiered price such as £2.50 for small items and £3.50 for large items.  Use a gift box as a size guide so if the gift fits inside it’s a small size.  Promotions like 5 gift wraps for £10 are popular and these will encourage impulse buying.  Avoid a general Free Gift Wrapping Service, instead stipulate a minimum spend of say £10 or limit it to 3 gifts per person.  This will avoid unnecessary queues and frustration during peak periods