Terry Harvey launches Brabunny

Independent retailer Terry Harvey, who runs a number of greetings/gift stores in the south of England, has launched a new company, Brabunny, selling the product brand endorsed by Cancer Research UK, with the goal of raising money for breast cancer research.

Brabunny stocks a range of fine greetings cards produced under license by The Great British Card Company, T-shirts and a plush product (Brabunny). There are further great products to follow over the coming weeks.

Terry comments: “We hope to raise in excess of £100K this coming year for Cancer Research UK, which is the largest cancer research charity in the world. Last year they raised £400million of which £42million went towards breast cancer research; this was more than all of the other breast cancer charities put together”.

The super-cute Brabunny No.1 is a limited edition, collectable and super cute soft bunny. Brabunny has a specially designed clip which allows it to be attached to clothing or bags and comes with a beautiful and stylish box with silver embossed logo. Each Brabunny is supplied with an authenticity card and a unique registration number. For every Brabunny purchased (£7.99), a donation of £1 will be made to Cancer Research UK.

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