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Net2Nana Product Tip: Scarves for older ladies

Loves Music Scarf - Net2Nana.com giftsFounder and owner of Net2Nana, Belinda Bull, imparts more words of wisdom on this key consumer demographic.

Scarves are always well received gifts and the fact that they are currently very popular amongst “the bright young things” won’t have escaped Grandma’s notice!

When choosing a scarf for an older friend or family member don’t resist choosing a vibrant colour or design – in our experience even if Granny has become quite conservative in her dress a statement scarf will be a very welcome addition to her wardrobe. However do find a super soft or silky fabric that will be kind to delicate skin and watch out for weight, some of the very jewelled or tasselled designs can swamp a diminutive frame.

A scarf can be a very personal gift if you choose one that features her favourite animal, flower or hobby – such as this one which has musical instruments and notes – perfect for a music loving Grandma or Great Aunt!”

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