Christmasworld 2013/14 trends

precious jungleAt major European trade show Christmasworld four key themes were pinpointed for the 2013/2014 season: Precious Jungle, Fantasy Forest, Glowing Desert, and Gracious Coast.

Precious Jungle has an opulent character, combining the elegant and expensive with the cool and regal colours of the jungle. Precious stones and shimmering birds of paradise stand out like blossoms against a background palette of greens and blues. Elegant gold adds additional warmth. Materials are dominated by strong ornamentation and expensive designs.

Choice fabrics such as velvet, silk and brocade are opulently embroidered or decoratively adorned. The theme offers a lot of room for inspiration. The range of relevant products is appropriately varied: glass ornaments, feather or plant motifs, heavy Christmas baubles decorated with gold, ornately decorated leaves in flower arrangements.


fantasyforestFantasy Forest is a playfully romantic style that puts traditional fairy-tale motifs and Christmas reds and greens in a young and modern context, where natural materials such as pine cones or acorns are painted silver and lend an abstract, ethereal effect. Lighter shades give products an elegant, discreet look: finely patterned glass and porcelain lend a gentle, feminine touch. Woolen fabrics and felts appear playful with coloured lace, ribbons and trimmings. This humorous and fashion-conscious treatment of tradition and familiar festive items offers a new perspective on traditional romantic motifs and constitutes what is special about this imaginative trend.


1345646240106Glowing Desert reflects the power and beauty of contrast. The combination of natural, warm shades, such as ochre and sand, with purple and an intense coral provides strong accents. A complement of sparkling and shiny metallic colours, set against the coarse desert backdrop, is reminiscent of a fata-morgana effect.

This aspect is particularly in evidence in the range of floral products: dried wood, thistles, bleached stone ware and ceramics combine with ribbons of natural silk or linen to give a restrained rural effect. Elegant glassware with schlieren effects, iridescent Christmas baubles and shiny candles all go to create vibrant and exciting contrasts.


gracious coastGracious Coast is light, feminine and delicate. Modern pastel shades are contrasted with black, anthracite and ecru. The reduced, sculptural shapes create a 50s feel, structures are fluid and clean, and surfaces are finely worked. Traditional features are put in a modern context and force a conscious clash. Thus, for example, historical scenes on copper engravings from the 17th and 18th centuries find themselves next to modern, photographically accurate patterns.

There is a great deal of variety in the range of products: fine fabrics and textiles with delicate structures and needlework create a feminine touch. There are gentle modulations of transparent and delicately coloured glass. High-quality ornaments with enamel and mother-of-pearl effects bring grace and lightness. The simultaneous combination of playful decoration and reductionist simplicity is what lends Gracious Coast its special character.

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