Oliver Heath gives his stamp of approval to Top Drawer Eco-Trail

eco trailRenowned TV presenter and environmental champion Oliver Heath will return to Top Drawer 2013 to lend his support to the show’s accredited Eco-Trail. Oliver’s stamp identifies products that are:

* Produced ethically
* Under fair trade schemes
* Ideally made of sustainable materials
* Biodegradable or reusable in some way

The exhibitors whose products are selected will be clearly marked with the ‘Eco Trail certified by Oliver Heath’ sticker, making it easy for visitors to be ‘green’ about their choice of product.

Oliver Heath comments: “It’s ever more difficult to ignore the social, financial and environmental issues that are taking place [in the world]. Whilst we can choose to filter this out, it inevitably seeps into our daily consciousness and impacts in a variety of ways – not least about the way we buy, consume and even decorate our homes. Knowing how a product was made, by whom and under what conditions brings us closer to a product through narrative.

“Understanding how we will use it, how it fits into our lives and even how we can dispose of it allows us to choose products that fit into our moral and practical beliefs. The Eco Trail at Top Drawer edits this search for you- helping you to find cutting edge products and retailers that believe, like your customers, that there are better ways of doing things, ways that are really worth telling the world about”.

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