Don’t forget National Thinking of You Week!

rosannaThere’s only a weekend between us and a new sending occasion, National Thinking of You Week, which officially gets off the ground on September 22 – 28.


Spearheaded by the UK Greeting Card Association (GCA), the new occasion was conceived to create a wave of love and happiness across the nation by joining people together to send a card day to different people during this week.

With ever fewer letters landing on our doorsteps, receiving a message through the post is all the more appreciated and value driven.  Everyone is urged to use this chance to connect, celebrate friendships, give a boost to someone who is down, say Happy Birthday in the traditional way or simply say hello.

It’s been scientifically proven that receiving a handwritten card makes people feel much more appreciated than receiving texts, emails or Facebook messages. Receiving one out of the blue is even more special. The positive feelings generated by receiving cards are good for health and wellbeing, according to cognitive neuroscientist Dr Lynda Shaw.

She said: “I firmly believe that receiving cards increases self-esteem, helps to stave off feelings of loneliness and isolation and even to ward off the early stages of depression.”

We think this is a great way to mark the Autumn Equinox so get your pens out folks and let’s make this a great occasion to share the love!

Thinking of You image by designer Rosanna Rossi, who is represented by Yellowhouse Art Licensing