We love Mercy Jewellery!

DRUZEA stunning new brand, Mercy Jewellery, launched at Spring Fair 2016 with a variety of beautiful ranges.


This small jewellery design studio based in the Rutland countryside prides itself on creating thoughtful, meaningful pieces that tell a story.

mercyWith a penchant for the quirky, fun and fabulous, and a self confessed obsession with quotes, colour and typography, Mercy jewellery combines years of industry knowledge with the enthusiasm of a start up.

groupCreative Director Rachel Parkin said: “We feel that this new venture is a chance for us to do what we do best, Cute silver jewellery that’s also sentimental with messages of hope, love & encouragement. We are very excited to launch our new company and can’t wait to show you what we’ve been working on.”

Working mainly with independents and smaller multiples, Mercy Jewelley has also successfully collaborated with many charities and organisations to create jewellery for brand building, brand awareness and fundraising

RINGSAll the ranges have something special to recommend them, but as bona fide crystal lovers we were immediately drawn to Druzy Rocks, an exhuberant colourful collection of natural Crystal jewellery.

With its vivid colour swatches, sparkling facets and electroplated finishes this is fun fashionable jewellery at its finest. Perfect for adding a splash of colour to your outfit whilst you marvel at the wonders of mama nature.

blueThe crystals are formed over millions of years by water drip drip dripping onto surface stones. The vibrant colours are natural and whilst there can be many spellings, drusy, druse, druzy they all mean tiny quartz crystals that form within or on the surface of other stones.

HOPEAmity & Grace is a pretty and feminine collection which says what you feel, whether you need some inspiration or a kickass reminder that you’re fabulous. Inspiration, aphorisms and cuteness combine to create this winning sterling silver collection.


LIFEThe ethos of the Narrate collection is jewellery which tells a story, captures a moment or an emotion. Each piece of jewellery has personal meaning to its wearer. It may tell a story, or capture an emotion, in many ways its like displaying a secret or something personal about yourself without actually disclosing it.

BRACELETSWords have power and The Narrate collection allows the wearer to tell their story, either publicly or privately and to embrace symbolism as a means of drawing strength, courage or belief” This is a beautiful collection created in Sterling Silver with gold or rose gold vermeil washes.