Beautiful new tableware from Villeroy & Boch

DE: Casale Blu Shooting FriendsFor spring 2016 Villeroy & Boch launches Quinsai Garden, a tableware collection inspired by natural sights seen on explorer Marco Polo’s journey around the ancient Chinese city of Quinsai.

The collection of premium bone porcelain is decorated with four different blossoms using traditional lithographic techniques. Each flower has its own story; Peonies represent wealth, camellias are associated with generosity, chrysanthemums symbolise courage and long life, and the magnolia is the flower of the emperor and beautiful women. Delicate green paisley patterns surround these graceful illustrations, creating an overall striking impression.

The collection comprises of 34 pieces including a selection of bowls, plates and an afternoon tea service.

Also for this season is the coloured Boston glass range.quinsai_150166_small

Enhancing the already distinctive diamond shape engravings, the Boston glass collection comes in a range of colours; clear, blue, red, green and most recently the Pantone trend colour, rose. This line of coloured and textured glassware comprises of seven pieces including white and red wine goblets, water glasses, tumblers, long glasses, champagne flutes and a small bowl.

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