Me to You is animated for Christmas

tt_ani_005Star gift and greetings brand Me to You, from Carte Blanche, is encouraging everyone to make their loved ones’ Christmas extra special this year by sending a Christmas card with their new Tatty Teddy animation.


Starting where the original Me to You story left off, the animation is based around the little girl who found Tatty Teddy and her excitement around the build up to Christmas.  The story follows the little girl writing Christmas cards and desperately awaiting one to come in return, trying to hide her disappointment when none arrives while her beloved bear watches on.

Created as part of Tatty Teddy’s 21st anniversary celebrations, the animation shows the importance of remembering those we love at Christmas through the simple act of sending a Christmas card.

Me to You Marketing Manager Jason Pepperell comments “We had an opportunity to build upon our original story of Tatty Teddy this Christmas that not only focused on our key brand values of love and sentiment, but also reminds us to think of those special to us at Christmas time.”

With more and more people spending Christmas alone, the animation’s message has never been more pertinent. According to Age UK, over 500,000 over 60s will spend this Christmas season on their own. Me to You hopes that the animation will help encourage people to remember their loved ones and make their Christmas with a card.

The animation’s artwork was created by Me to You artist Steve Mort-Hill, the voice over was recorded by fellow artist Michael Cooper and it was animated by Southampton based content marketing agency, Headstream. It will be distributed on the brand’s Facebook and Instagram pages and supported with 12 days’ worth of Tatty Teddy giveaways featuring a different Me to You product each day.