Sylvie Meis has discovered the must-haves of the next season at Ambiente

What could be a better place for discovering the favourite items of the coming season than the biggest consumer goods event in the world? Sylvie Meis is not only an entrepreneur, presenter, model and designer, but also a style ambassador for the Netherlands, and in this capacity she explored the depth and width of products at Ambiente.

Sylvie Meis, Detlef Braun

Sylvie Meis was particularly interested in the iconic designer lamps of the Dutch company It’s about RoMi. Looking at another Dutch company, Silk-Ka, the style ambassador of the Netherlands discovered the most beautiful collections of handmade silk flowers. But she was also highly delighted and surprised at the innovative and traditional products of Exotica Cor Mulder, Fink, Lightmakers, Pad Home and Tenbos. “The range at Ambiente is simply unbelievable! There are so many shapes, styles, colours and materials to explore. It makes me feel I want to design and redesign my own four walls with new, small, cheeky or elegant details. There are all these new impressions and great inspirations which I can use to give a new look to my home, both simply and conveniently. In fact, at the moment I am creating another guest apartment for my family from the Netherlands. These ideas are perfect for fitting out the apartment in a Dutch style, so they can really feel at home there.”

Sylvie Meis was also visibly impressed by the partner country presentation given by the Netherlands. One person who was particularly involved in putting Ambiente 2018 under the Dutch banner was the industrial designer Robert Bronwasser. Running under the heading “DO DUTCH”, he created an elaborate presentation, highlighting the outstanding design expertise of the Kingdom of the Netherlands