Single mums to splash out on themselves this Mother’s Day

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The average Brit intends to spend £17 on Mother’s Day gifts this year but one in three is not planning to get a gift for their mum, relying mainly on good old greeting cards to show they care.

A survey of 1,000 British adults carried out by online florist,, has revealed that 57% of single mums admit to buying themselves gifts “from the kids” on Mother’s Day.

On average, single mums were found to spend £50 on themselves in total. Almost 1 in 4 (24%) even said they would purchase a card themselves for their children to sign and give back to them.

But it’s not all bad, British adults are still breaking their piggy banks to treat mums with the average Brit intending to spend £17 on Mother’s Day gifts this year.

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The gifts mums are most likely to receive include confectionary (65%), flowers (42%) and candles (29%). These were closely followed by jewellery (25%) and alcohol (21%) which came in fourth and fifth place respectively.
Lucia Polla, marketing manager at, comments: “It’s amazing to see so many single mums making the decision to treat themselves to a Mother’s Day gift, and rightly so.

Single mums deserve to feel appreciated and Mother’s Day is the perfect time for everything they do for their kids to be recognised with something special, no matter what the cost. Wouldn’t it be nice even for single mums to be treated by a close friend or family member so they don’t have to treat themselves to a gift.

“For children wanting to invest in a gift, treating mum doesn’t need to break the bank, especially when there are so many great value products out there to choose from. It’s the thought that counts, which as cliché as it is to say – is the truth. Try to budget the month ahead so you can keep a little money aside for a small but thoughtful gift which mum will truly appreciate.”

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Surprisingly, 1 in 3 (33%) Brits aren’t planning to get their mums anything at all for Mother’s Day this year. 45% admit they will just send a card. Of those respondents not planning to buy a gift this year, 34% claimed this was because they don’t celebrate Mother’s Day whilst 28% said they won’t be seeing their mum on the day. 15% said they would not be purchasing a gift because they couldn’t afford to and 12% said their mum had asked them not to get her a gift this year.

The top 10 Mother’s Day Gifts are: Confectionary – 65%; Flowers – 42%; Candles – 29%; Jewellery – 25%; Alcohol – 21%; Photo frame – 18%; Appliances – 17%; Gift card – 15%; Cosmetics – 13%; Spa day – 8%