Gift Ideas for busting lockdown boredom

Now the UK is halfway through its second lockdown, many of us are beginning to tear our hair out with boredom. As a society, we’re used to a fast-paced life that’s packed full to the brim and now that’s been taken away again, it’s understandable that you might be feeling a little fed up with the same four walls. If you’re struggling to know what to do with yourself, why not take a look at these lovely gift ideas to either give yourself or a loved one that will help bust that lockdown boredom.

Musical instruments

Music makes people happy, and if you or someone you love has a natural musical talent, then why not give a music instrument? Learning a new instrument takes time and concentration, and if you spend the next few weeks making music, not only will you pass the time much faster, but you’ll learn a new skill and be happy while doing so! You can find plenty of sheet music online, or you could try and play along with your favourite artists by watching YouTube videos!

Playing cards

One of the worst parts of lockdown for many people is not being able to see the ones they love. However, thanks to the power of technology and the internet, you can now video call the ones you love! Consider hosting an evening playing cards with your family and friends to help bring you closer. You could even try out a tarot card evening with your friends and family. It’s a great way to have some lighthearted fun and enjoy each other’s company. Not only that, you can learn more about psychics and the abilities they have along the way, or even take a look at some Tarot cards!

A good book or two

If there’s one thing that will pass the time, it’s a good book to sink your teeth into. You can buy books (hard copy or ecopy) online now, and you can even have them delivered straight to your loved one’s home! You don’t have to spend loads of money either, as books purchased on Amazon are often second hand and are sold at a reduced price.

A tin of paint

If you and your loved ones prefer something that’s a little more hands on, then you might consider gifting a tin of paint or two so that you can get on with some DIY around your homes. Why not upcycle that tatty looking sideboard, or give your bedroom a new lease of life? Frenchic paint is hardwearing and comes in a range of beautiful colours.

Entertainment gift card

Finally, for those days where you simply can’t be bothered to do much (let’s face it, we all have them), you could turn to the option of an entertainment gift card. If your family and friends are movie buffs, why not pay for the Netflix subscription this month? Alternatively, if yourself or your loved ones are avid gamers, you could treat everyone to a game you can all play together – virtually, of course.